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San Antonio Spray On Truck Bedliner

Ameraguard spray in bedliners can be applied to a variety of surfaces. From truck beds and bumpers to tool boxes and even entire vehicles, Ameraguard can keep you covered and protected.

truck bed liners in black and factory colors
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Ameraguard spray in bedliners can be applied to a variety of surfaces. From truck beds and bumpers to tool boxes and even entire vehicles, Ameraguard can keep you covered and protected. Our spray in bedliners are so tough, lab data shows we consistently outperform other top brands in hardness, abrasion, and tear resistance. The best part of all this is that all our spray in bedliners are backed by a nationwide Totalcare Warranty.

Ameraguard bedliners are San Antonio’s strongest and most popular bed liners. Ameraguard spray in bedliners for trucks is developed to give your vehicle the ultimate, toughest protection from whatever you have to haul in your truck bed. Whether your truck bed needs protection from the elements or dirt and gravel, Ameraguard is the ultimate choice to keep your truck looking good and minimize damage and dents.

truck bed liners tough and durable

Truck Bedliner

Ameraguard bedliners are the toughest and most durable bedliners available on the market today. Lab data shows our liners outperform the top brands (including brand “X”) in hardness, abrasion, & tear resistance, all backed by a nationwide Totalcare Warranty. Ameraguard is San Antonio’s most popular and strongest bedliner for truck beds. No matter what you put in the back of your truck, you can rest assured that it will not damage, chip, or crack our spray in bedliners.

Available in Black or Factory Matched Colors

All Ameraguard spray in bedliners and nd accessory coatings are available from standard black and UV stable glossy black all the way to UV stable factory color coded liners. Our color matched liners even match your metallic finishes. Ameraguard UV stable topcoats are about as hard as a golf ball and can easily take a swing from your favorite driver without making a scratch. Our liners can go from mild to wild with almost unlimited color options to match any vehicle.

Jeep Interior/Exterior

Jeep owners are serious about customizing their jeeps. We have custom coating packages that add the look you want to your Jeep, as well as the scratch protection you need for offroading. If you’d like to take your Jeep through a few streams or want to do some donuts in the mud have no fear, Ameraguard bedliners keep your Jeep protected while preventing rust or corrosion. Options include spraying the jeep tub, fender flares, rocker panels, bumpers, or even the entire exterior! We offer standard black and UV stable gloss black all the way to factory matched colors to match your specific Jeep. Call or inquire today to take your jeep to the next level!

jeep liners interior and exterior tough and durable
full body car and truck liners

Whole Vehicles

If you're serious about protecting your truck and want to take your truck to the next level of customization, Ameraguard can spray your entire vehicle. Whether you choose to use our standard black finish or choose a specific color, we can customize your vehicle like no other. Say goodbye to scratches and minor dings, and hello to the most durable finish on the market today.

Grille Guards

Grille guards typically come with a powder coat finish. Depending on the quality of the powder coat, rust and chips often occur, making your car look damaged and not taken care of. Ameraguard can coat your grille guard with a much more durable finish using our spray in bedliner. You can choose standard black, UV stable glossy black, or match your factory paint code to give your car or truck a custom look and finish all while protecting it from what you encounter on the road.

coated grill guards

Factory or Replacement Bumpers

coated bumper

Ameraguard often coats factory bumpers to give them an added layer of protection. Whether you are trying to blackout your truck, or cover your chrome, we have options for you. If you purchased a replacement bumper, we can provide you with a much more durable coating and provide a color to match your paint to give your car or truck an even flow and seamless appearance. After applying our spray your bumper will be road-ready and keep its new look longer than with any other spray in bedliner.

Steps and Running Boards

Are you looking for extra traction for your steps or running boards? Ameraguard can apply our durable coating to your replacement or factory steps to provide extra traction and durability. Lower your chances of slipping when you have walked through mud or rain, and add both durability and safety to your steps and running boards.

coated steps and running boards
coated rocker panels and fender flares

Rocker Panels & Fender Flares

Are you tired of rock chips or want to add a second color to your truck? Ameraguard can spray your rocker panels and fender flares in black or the color of your choosing. This is one of our most popular options, and will protect your truck from road debris and door dings all while giving your truck a custom look and finish. Make your truck unique and stand apart from the others.

Tool Boxes & Headache Racks

Toolboxes and headache racks are some of the most abused accessories on our trucks. Our spray in coating can protect the finish of your truck bed accessories from the elements and the daily use of your truck while looking tough and clean all at the same time.

coated tool boxes and head racks

Utility Trucks and Trailers

coated utility trucks and trailers

Ameraguard doesn't just coat truck beds and accessories; we coat commercial vehicles as well. From utility trucks to boom trucks, we can coat just about anything. We can also coat the inside of your trailer or your toy hauler to extend the life of your floors and walls while minimizing damage to the vehicle.